How to Install MongoDB on Amazon Linux 2

Steps to follow Then paste this content into that file After that, run this Start MongoDB server by running this command. Check status by running this command Everything that is mentioned above is also displayed in this video as well.

Top 10 YouTube video to learn nodejs

Mosh hamdani 2. Nodejs and express 3. Edureka. 4. Nodejs crash course 5. Api with node and Express 6. Nodejs for beginners 7. The Async and Await explained 8. Nodejs tutorial. 9.The Mern stack 10. Nestjs a node framework

What is Express

Express is a relatively small framework, That sits on top of the node.js web server, functionality to simplify its APIs, and helpful new features. Express is built on top of Connect, providing tools and structure that makes writing web application easier, faster and more fun. It makes it easier to organize your application’s functionality with …

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Top 7 Courses on NodeJs for beginners in 2020

Top 7 Courses on NodeJs for beginners in 2020 Course Title Author Provider The Complete Node.js Developer Course Andrew Mead, Rob Percival Udemy Learn and Understand NodeJS Anthony Alicea Udemy Node with React: Fullstack Web Development Stephen Grider Udemy The Complete Node.js Course Mosh CodeWithmosh Node.js: Getting Started Samer Buna PluralSite