Top 5 Books on NodeJs for Beginners in 2021

Node.js is an open-source server-side Javascript environment that has been gaining popularity in recent years for its speed, scalability, and ability to use JavaScript as a programming language.

It can be used in the backend or frontend of web applications and is designed to efficiently handle many concurrent connections.

If you are looking for books about NodeJs for beginners, this post will provide you with 10 books that cover different topics on node js ranging from books on the basics all the way up to books on how a node can be used in building single-page apps.

In this article, I will tell you the top 5 books on NodeJs for beginners, which will help you to get started very quickly.

Node.js Design Patterns 3rd Edition

Throughout the book, you’ll see Node.js in action with the help of several real-life examples leveraging technologies such as LevelDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, and many others.

They will be used to demonstrate a pattern or technique, but they will also give you a great introduction to the Node.js ecosystem and its set of solutions.

This book is for developers and software architects who have some prior basic knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js and now want to get the most out of these technologies in terms of productivity, design quality, and scalability.

Software professionals with intermediate experience in Node.js and JavaScript will also find valuable the more advanced patterns and techniques presented in this book.

Automating with Node.js

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Serverless Applications with Node.js: Using AWS Lambda and Claudia.js

Serverless Applications with Node.js teaches you to design and build serverless web apps on AWS using JavaScript, Node, and Claudia.js. You’ll master the basics of writing AWS Lambda functions, along with core serverless patterns like API Gateway. Along the way, you’ll practice your new skills by building a working chatbot and a voice assistant with Amazon Alexa. You’ll also discover techniques for migrating existing apps to a serverless platform.

The authors use a pizzeria app example to demonstrate many of the underlying services, and each chapter progresses the development of the application so the reader has a fairly sophisticated working app by the end of the book. They cover more complex topics such as authentication, database access, and async programming, and weave in several real-life topics so the learning is based on useful and relatable examples.

Node.js, MongoDB, React, React Native Full-Stack Fundamentals and Beyond

This book will teach you how to develop JavaScript applications with simple use, yet powerful JavaScript technologies and host everything in the cloud in an economic and robust way.

Learn how to architect, develop, test, secure, deploy, and manage a RESTful Web Service in AWS and deploy to Google Play.

Hands-On Microservices with Node.js

Microservices enable us to develop software in small pieces that work together but can be developed separately; this is one reason why enterprises have started embracing them.

For the past few years, Node.js has emerged as a strong candidate for developing microservices because of its ability to increase your productivity and the performance of your applications. Check the latest price on Amazon here.


Nodejs allows you to build complex and powerful applications without writing complex code.

It is powerful because it employs an asynchronous paradigm for handling data between client and server. JavaScript is the most common programming language used in many startups and large corporates. If you’re starting to feel the itch to learn something new, Node.js is an excellent tool.

This platform is special because it makes it possible to use JavaScript as the backend language. Node.js is well suited for applications that have a lot of concurrent connections and each request only needs very few CPU cycles.

I have listed down the best books on NodeJs for beginners so that you can learn and quickly become a Node Expert.

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